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The relatively low cost of the daguerreotype in the middle of the 19th century and the reduced sitting time for the subject, though still much longer than now, led to a general rise in the popularity of portrait photography over painted portraiture.
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Definition of portrait Entry 2 of 2.: of, relating to, or being a rectangular document having the vertical dimension longer than the horizontal dimension switching from landscape to portrait mode - compare landscape sense 3. Synonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing portrait Learn More About portrait.
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Some of the earliest surviving painted portraits of people who were not rulers are the Greco-Roman funeral portraits that survived in the dry climate of Egypt's' Fayum district. These are almost the only paintings from the classical world that have survived, apart from frescos, though many sculptures and portraits on coins have fared better.
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portrait not comparable. Representing the actual features of an individual; not ideal. a portrait bust; a portrait statue. IPA key: pɔʁ.tʁɛ. portrait m plural portraits. printing portrait format. description of a person or things. Derived terms edit. refaire le portrait.
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21 In his times, Pliny complained of the declining state of Roman portrait art, The" painting of portraits which used to transmit through the ages the accurate likenesses of people, has entirely gone out Indolence has destroyed the arts" 22 23 These full-face portraits from Roman Egypt are fortunate exceptions.

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